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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

CHARACTERISTIC : You are not close to the green. Nonetheless, you have room enough to roll the ball, you have to pass tall grass, a bunker or any other obstacle and you are at a medium distance (20-30-40-50 meters).

To many it make sound like a mini version of the long swing but you will find out that this is not the case. Usually that is a very critical area for many players considering the variety of the lies one has to face.

The concept of loft and low point are in this case fundamental in the two way race, about which we were talking in the lower body.

We have to underline that hands and clubface go together and that the club loft has to be kept. 20-30 meters are rather delicate distances. You will need to be very basic, to use your body parts in a really balanced way.

CLUBS: 58°, 54°, 56°, 52°, 50°


GRIP: neutral, hands aligned with the breastbone, perpendicular to the ball.

ALIGNMENT: parallel to the target.

STANCE: ball below the breastbone, weight slightly to the left but less than in a chipping, feet very close to each other to facilitate the shift of the weight.

POSTURE: relaxed legs, arms falling in front of the body, bust tilted forward, small angle between wrists and club

TECHNIQUE: in this case, in the two way race towards the target, hands and club head travel together, the direction of the body and of the arms are very connected with no sudden acceleration. That eases the impact making it smooth with no deep divots.

It requires a good control of the club head which should never be closed and should travel an internal trajectory (one of the major problems for many players). That's why it is very important to concentrate on the G.A.S.P. of reference, pay particular attention to the tilt of the shoulders which, if too pronounced , make disastrous effects. For those who were not so brilliant in the test this is not going to be an easy stroke.

It requires a lot of practice and the understanding of some concepts.

For the club player it may represent a big problem starting with the very choice of the club. Those who are not so expert tend to make a movement which is too long and so lose the control of the backswing and therefore decelerate at impact with fluctuating results.

Session No. 2 (20/30 Mins) 52°/Pw

Objective : Medium flight, how to manage energy and improve direction.

You define the distance by placing tees every 2 meters.

By adopting the low shot GASP you practice trying to put the ball as close as possible to each of the tees. Perform a series of uphill shots and then proceed with downhill shots. As a guide, if you are within the recommended distance you should have about 6/7 tees in the practice area. Try to get the ball at least one shaft away from the tee. If you can do this in 50% of the cases, you are on the right track!

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