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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

POWER SWING (Long Swing) Training

Session No.1 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Warm Up

Suitable on the tee of hole 1 if you have a few minutes or before the training session.

The exercise helps you to be focused on the gesture and the correct sensation of body rotation. Swing very slowly, use the JollyGolf after mounting it on a 6/7 iron. Before each swing, review the fundamentals (GASP) and focus on the start of the movement. Keep very light pressure on the grip and avoid moving your body sideways, try to be very centered and balanced. After a few swings, start moving with your eyes closed and pay attention to the sensations you feel. Breathe normally, and look for a rhythm. Keep flowing and pay attention to tensions. This exercise, which we can call preparatory, despite the absence of the ball is very effective in terms of awareness of the gesture and allows you to optimally synchronize the various parts of the body.

Session No.2 ( 20/30 mins.)

Goal: Body rotation and swing width control

Target : 50/60 m. Locate a practice area where there is a target at a distance of 50/60 m. if you can align with a stick resting on the ground. After checking the GASP, keep the ball in the center of the stance with a little more weight on the left leg, hold the grip a little shorter than usual. The hands are quite passive. The idea that you should try is to guide the ball with the rotation of the body neutralizing as much as possible the action of the hands.

The sequence of strokes should be

No. 10 With JollyGolf No. 10 Without JollyGolf No. 10 With JollyGolf N.10 With separate hands, split grip (to reinforce the technical principle)

Session No.3 (20/30 mins.)

Goal: Improve backswing quality and swing lines

Target 50/60 m..The backswing is the most delicate moment of the gesture, too often hands, arms are too active with the result of having the movement plane very unstable, creating many problems in the impact phase. To avoid unnecessary movements, a good exercise is to put a stick in the ground that has the plane of the shaft far enough away from the ball not to get in the way. Bring the iron with your hands that do not exceed the height of the right shoulder in the back and try to keep the inclination of the shaft in the down end forward with your hands at the height of the left shoulder.

Sequence. 10 swing with JollyGolf 10 Without. Swing free trying to have the same sensations

Session No.4 (20/30 mins.) Use : iron 9/8

Goal : Suitable for those who have difficulty rotating in the backswing and who are looking for reference points

Step, swing. It's an exercise that refines the sequence. .

The sequence is based on:

1 Gasp, activation of the wrists upwards,

2 torsion of the torso to the right (if left handed),

3 impact and rotation towards the target.

The intensity of the gesture should be contained, 50/60% in relation to its maximum.

No. 10 swing with JollyGolf No. 10 Without JollyGolf No. 10 With JollyGolf N.10 Full swings

Session n. 5 ( 20/30 mins.) Use : 5 wood or hybrid

Goal : Suitable for those seeking more connection and balance, also gives great benefits on the rhythm of execution

During the swing the wrists are rather passive and soft, in the GASP the ball should be placed slightly to the left and supported by the tee. We suggest to execute the gesture at 60/70% when using the JollyGolf. Look for the quality of the impact, use a spray to check if you hit the ball in the center of the stick.

No.10 swing with JollyGolf No.10 Without JollyGolf No.10 With JollyGolf No.10 Full swings

Session n.6 (20/30 Mins.) Use: Iron 7/8/9

Goal: to raise the perception of impact by testing your proprioceptivity and coordination skills.

This is a session suitable for those who feel comfortable with their swing, during the executions you will have to choose a target and once you have checked all the parameters of the GASP, do shots with your eyes closed.It won't be easy at first, but as you proceed with the exercise you will acquire precise sensations, which will help you on the field to be more confident and confident.


Session No.1 (20/30 Mins) Use: Pw/9

Goal : Low flight, how to manage energy and improve direction

Area short game , green with two slopes , up and down. 10/15 meters.

You define the distance by placing tees every 2 meters.By adopting the low shot GASP you practice trying to put the ball as close as possible to each of the tees. Perform a series of uphill shots and then proceed with downhill shots. As a guide, if you are within the recommended distance you should have about 6/7 tees in the practice area. Try to get the ball at least one shaft away from the tee. If you can do this in 50% of the cases, you are on the right track!

Changing the slope accelerates the ability to feel the depth of the strokes and roll.

Session No.2 (20/30 Mins) Use: 52°/Pw

Goal : Medium flight, how to manage energy and improve direction

You define the distance by placing tees every 2 meters. By adopting the low shot GASP you practice trying to put the ball as close as possible to each of the tees. Perform a series of uphill shots and then proceed with downhill shots. As a guide, if you are within the recommended distance you should have about 6/7 tees in the practice area. Try to get the ball at least one shaft away from the tee. If you can do this in 50% of the cases, you are on the right track!

Session No.3 (20/30 Mins) Use: 56°/58°/ 60 °

Goal : High flight, control, parabola height

Area Short game, look for an obstacle to overcome that is between you and the green, possibly a bunker. Use the covers of the sticks and put them on the green at different distances (10/15 m.). Once you find an area where the grass is shaved, make shots at the various covers avoiding to shoot always at the same one. Ideally if you can put 30/40 % of the shots at a distance of 2 shafts from the hole, you start to have a very good standard. Try to fix the GASP references before each shot.

Session No.4 (20/30 Mins) Use: Pw/52°

Goal: To adapt to the three GASPs to make the various gestures natural, the exercise promotes the automatisms

Short Game Area: create three situations that allow you to execute the three parabolas, the Target is always the same. You should be about 15/20 meters from the target. Play a different swing each time, for low, medium, high fligth. Try to put as many balls as possible within the distance of two shafts.

Session 5 (20/30 mins) Use: PW/52°

Goal: To refine the sensitivity and acquire a very high level of security

The exercise represents the achievement of a new skill, a certain stability in the gesture, and a good confidence acquired. Short game area : 5/10/15 meters . Pull each time at a different distance with your eyes closed. Objective: High flight, manage the height of the parabola and improve confidence in facing obstacles.

PUTTING Training

Session n.1 (20mins)

Goal : Long putts and energy control

True cause of the 3 putts. Plant a tee on the green, count 10 steps and plant another one. Use 3 balls and proceed in this exercise whose goal is to put 3 balls consecutively within the distance of a shaft from the tee. Go from one tee to another, possibly choose a slight slope for more variables. If you succeed easily and want to test your feeling, try to put three balls consecutively within one grip distance. A parameter that elite players use as a reference. Do not leave the green until you have reached at least 5 times the target of the 3 balls within the distance of the shaft.

Session No.2 (20 Mins)

Goal: to improve width management and control of the club face.

Place a tee within 3 shafts of the hole. Use only the right hand, left hand if you are left-handed. Always use JollyGolf and help yourself with a training stick. Try to crash and give it enough energy to get over the hole. The use of the dominant arm will help you understand your best pace and amplitude. A good standard is to be able to crash at least 3 out of 10 balls.

Session No.3 (20 Mins)

Goal: GASP check every shot to create the right habits

Very high mental part and focus. Distance 1 m. from the holeUse the alignment sticks and carefully evaluate the slopes. The green should be flat enoughWe are in the most delicate distance in some ways, to which many of us are sensitive.With every shot you check all the parameters very carefully, and you do it to crash as much as possible. 10 consecutive putts are the target. Of course, the more consecutive series you reach the better your skill will be.

Session No.4 (20 Mins)

Goal : Tension control and roll evaluation. We are in neuroscience!

Distance 5/10/15 meters. Use tees as a reference and practice with 3 balls.

Practice always looking at the hole, after following the usual routine, take your eyes to the target, look at the roll of your shot, if you see a roll, irregular and the ball makes small jumps, try to remove tension from your hands and soften your shoulders.

Session n. 5 (20 Mins)

Goal : Circuit to assess your competitiveness

Use a ball and create a 9-hole circuit on the green.

3 easy holes ( 1.50 m<)

3 medium holes (3.50 m <)

3 difficult holes ( 10m <)

The exercise can be particularly stimulating, if you take 18 shots in the first round, you are on the right track. You should do the circuit at least 3 times, but improve your score by at least one shot per lap. Ex. First round 18 putts, second round 17, third round 16

It's a fantastic challenge with yourself that forces you to never give up your attention.

Session No. 6 (20 Mins)

Goal: to improve the quality of the impact.

Distance of your choice, from 3 m. upwards, use n.3 balls. Do three slightly different executions, towards the same hole.

The first one looking at the hole and not at the ball after you have addressed it.

The second with eyes closed

The third in the usual way.

You will have very different feelings, but if you manage to have similar results in terms of distance it means that your skills are evolving.

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