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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you think about it, the real reason why we play is that we can all make a perfect shot, a shot that we love to tell our friends, we consider it something special to keep in our memories and that motivates us to return to the field in an attempt to repeat it.

It's a very precise feeling that we associate with a characteristic noise to a certain type of terrain response, a trajectory or a parabola. When we watch a tournament what fascinates us the most is that precision that sometimes seems unnatural, that ability to dose the energy, the direction, the height of the parabola, the curvatures. All elements that express the quality of the impact!

With JollyGolf we have concentrated on this, but not only on one area of the game but on the three fundamental movements of golf: Swing, Short game, Putting. How will you put it?

A legitimate question that obviously requires an answer.

The starting point we used was to understand the fundamentals that each of these three aspects of the game has.

We identified them with ease because they are recurrent in the history of golf and because they are considered by all masters the starting point to acquire the basics of the game but also at the same time to be controlled continuously in each practice session. They are also the basis of what today's mental coaches call routine/rituality, they are combined with the process of visualizing the shot and help to remove harmful tensions in the execution.

The fundamentals we have referred to are four, summarized by an acronym that will become very familiar if you use JollyGolf with a certain constancy:

G.A.S.P. (Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture) (link)

It's about if you pay attention: the relationship with the golfclubs, the best way to exploit our physical conformation, the ability to relate to a target and find the best balance in every situation, the essence of the game!

Like the four cardinal points, these fundamentals support the project of growth of your game and allow you to maintain the best course to get to the goal we have given ourselves, the IMPACT.

In the use of JollyGolf we put them all in this order, and integrated in every practice session, to organize your time, to have a precise focus, to help you create good habits (the basis of any real improvement!), to help you acquire a BETTER IMPACT QUALITY!

What we ask you, to get the most out of this VERSATILE INSTRUMENT and unique of its kind, is to pay close attention to the sequence we suggest, don't be in a hurry don't skip the steps! Remember that creating a habit takes time, whatever it is and that if you can be disciplined, a great secret of training, you will go far and above all you will have fun. (click here to go to the Training Program)

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