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A very important contribution in understanding the short game from Luca Salvetti PGA

qualified professional and PGAs Tutor, with over 30 years experience in the world of golf with a master degree in sport sciences specialised in Biomechanics.

With this ebook you can understand  :

  • The importance of the short game

  • Technique, touch and creativity

  • How to practice properly

  • Training programme

  • G.A.S.P.

  • 3 ball flight trajectory

  • Useful tips and exercises

  • All about JollyGolf training aid

Click here, to download

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Check out the PGA Professionals and customers using the JollyGolf training aids!

Why JollyGolf?

Enjoy Success

We are aware that there are many teaching aids on the market. With the JollyGolf, we try to create very VERSATILE tools, which would capture the three fundamental areas of the game, a sort of universal passport suitable to open the door to the knowledge of the impact.


If you think about it, the real reason why we play is that we can all make a perfect shot, a shot that we love to tell our friends. We consider it something special to keep in our memories and that motivates us to return to the field in an attempt to repeat it.


The design of the JollyGolf training aid greatly limits the use of wrists so empowers you to work with your shoulders.


Practicing with Jolly helps you to position yourself correctly and perform a bio-mechanically accurate swing. 


Throughout the development of the Jolly Training Aid, we have always dealt with PGA Professionals, including world-class PGA Professionals. The tool has undergone a very tough testing process both in the laboratory and live, to ensure its durability and complete safety.

Made in Italy

The Jolly is designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in northern Italy. We have  collaborated with companies specialising in the production of high design nylon objects.


Our team is formed by engineers and PGA professionals specialised in biomechanics with decades of teaching and experience studying in the world of professional and amateur golfers.

Make 90% of Your Ups & Downs from Around the Green

Years of practice to understand your swing and you still need references.

Imagine the perfect takeaway, an ideal back swing, the right sequence of movements and you hit the ball perfectly in every situation as top players do.


Thanks to the Jolly Training Aid you will acquire the ability to hit the ball correctly, giving you more distance control.

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