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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Jolly and Jollino when practising?

The Jolly does not allow the improper use of the wrist, whereas the Jollino allows you more freedom of movement.

We recommend the Jolly for mid, low handicap players and even professional coaches, who want to refine their swing with a focus on short game and putting. Jolly is best suited for golfers with a minimum height of 4.92 ft./1.50 m.

We recommend the Jollino for all those who want to maintain more connection with the golf club and improve their long swing.

Keep in Mind: The result of using golf training aids, is not immediately visible, but it won't take you long to have a great impact on the ball and most importantly, it will help you a lot in your training.

Where I can practise with the Jolly and Jollino teaching aids?

The Jollies Training Aids are versatile products that can be used anywhere; from the office, to the driving range. Improve your swing anywhere.


Why do I lose the handle during the swing?

if you lose the handle it means that there is a lack of coordination between the movement (rotation) of the shoulders and that of the arms. Usually, the arms are faster and either you release your wrists too quickly or you do "chicken wing" with your left arm (Right handed).

In both cases, you tend to lose your handle.

Try a downswing that starts slower and accelerates continuously until after the ball hits.

Watch these professionals with the Jollino as they do on their Instagram channel. (Click here)

Using our training aids to improve this aspect will greatly improve your swing.

Can I use the JollyGolf without clubs?

Yes! It can be used to practise your swing with or without clubs.

Will the JollyGolf training aid fit my golf club?

The JollyGolf training aid should fit all standard clubs. Non-standard grips longer than 27 cm (10.6in) or without a hole cannot be connected to the JollyGolf aid.

Can I put the JollyGolf in my golf bag?
Yes, you can. Standard golf bags have enough space for the JollyGolf product. Please click here to find out the dimensions. 


Are the Jollies teaching aids durable?
The JollyGolf and Jollino have been developed to be strong, durable products that last. This is supported by our 2 year 

Can you use JollyGolf training aid with Driver?

We developed the JollyGolf teaching aid for putting, short game and long game with irons!

With the jollino it is certainly easier.


What is the warranty policy on the JollyGolf teaching aid product?
There is a 2-year warranty on all products. Please visit our Warranty Page for more information.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally. Please visit our Delivery and Returns page to learn more.


Will I receive tracking once my order is processed?
Yes! You will receive an email with tracking once your order has shipped.


What is the average shipping time?
For Europe, U.S. and Canada we have our products in different warehouses. 

We deliver in 3 - 5 working days to all above-mentioned countries.

Brexit: Delivery 3 - 5 working days via Amazon UK.
We apologise that we cannot currently ship directly. Links below :

Jollino :

Jolly :



Can I promote these golf training aids?

Yes! if you're a golf professional you're definitely welcome.  Please visit the affiliation page by clicking here

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