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3D Printable golfing equipment.

We Design.

We have designed everything you need to practice golf at home, school and office. 

Head golf Putter 3d printable
Head golf wedge 3d printable

Putter Head

Wedge Head

shaft golf 3d printable

Modular Shaft

hole golf 3d printable


Jollino Training Aid

Jollino golf training aid 3d printable

It's easy to print them on your own
or in outsourcing

  • Files to be printed are .STL

  • For your 3D printer you need a construction volume of at least 300x300x300mm.

  • Recommended materials PA, PLA, TPU.

  • For each object to be printed, the type of material to be used is recommended. 

  • Learn more about 3D printing service by clicking here



Can I use a real golf ball in practice with 3D printed tools?
For the hole and the Jollino training aid yes.
Putter and Wedge depends on the material they will be printed with.

How many shafts do I need to print to get a standard length golf club?
3 shafts. Each printable 3D shaft is 26 mm long.

How much do all the files cost?
The purchase is unique and you receive all files for 9 €.

Where can I find the training tips to improve my golf?
Our blog, Training for Champions, is here! or download our ebook by clicking here

Where can I practice with the 3D golf equipment by J+Golf design?
Practice anywhere: at home, at school, at your office.

Are there explanations on how to use it correctly?
yes, just visit the page how to use it by clicking here

The golf equipment for your practice that actually works!


Free Shipping in the USA and EUROPE

Delivery : 3 to 5 working days

Buy with confidence

All of our Golf Training Aids come with a 2 year warranty! If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, you can request an unconditional return and a full refund.

The Jolly is the most versatile training aid on the market.

NOW ONLY € 9.00 

This offer is for a limited time only and can be withdrawn at any time

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