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Take your golf to the next level 


Jollino is a Unique, Light and Portable Training aid to sequence your arms and body to perfect your swing. The best body connection training aid on the market!


Connecting the elastic to your belt loop, when tensioned you’ll train your body to take the club back properly. With the Jollino simply resist, relax, and rotate your way to the most satisfying swing you have ever tried before.


An amazing tool to have in your bag all the time, to be used while playing golf.



The Jollino is ultra-light and portable way to sequence your arms, body and take back. This training aid will give you constant feedback as you develop the perfect ball striking skills.


The two cuff plus elastic tension band design, connects the body and gives you instant feedback on your club at takeaway. With adjustable cuffs this training aid is comfortable and will fit anyone.


Few people put in quality practise working on the sequence of arms and body. Be one of the few who own their rhythm, timing and feel to become a high-level ball striker. 


Take control of your swing NOW so you can have Effortless Power rather than Powerless Effort.


Why Jollino ?

Enjoy Success

We are aware that there are many teaching aids on the market. With the JollyGolf and Jollino, we try to create very VERSATILE tools, which would capture the three fundamental areas of the game, a sort of universal passport suitable to open the door to the knowledge of the impact.


If you think about it, the real reason why we play is that we can all make a perfect shot, a shot that we love to tell our friends. We consider it something special to keep in our memories and that motivates us to return to the field in an attempt to repeat it.


The Jollino golf training aid keeps your forearms close together so you can rotate your shoulders correctly. More distance control with your driver, woods and irons.


Throughout the development of the Jollino Training Aid, we have always dealt with PGA Professionals, including world-class PGA Professionals. The tool has undergone a very tough testing process both in the laboratory and live, to ensure its durability and complete safety.

Made in Italy

The Jollino is designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in northern Italy. We have  collaborated with companies specialising in the production of high design nylon objects.


Our team is formed by engineers and PGA professionals specialised in biomechanics with decades of teaching and experience studying in the world of professional and amateur golfers.


Thanks to PelliGolf 

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Can I use the Jollino if I am left handed?
Yes! The Jollino suits both right and left handed players.

What golf clubs can I use the Jollino with?
The Jollino is suitable for your irons, woods and driver.

Where can I find the training tips to improve my golf with the Jollino?
Our blog, Training for Champions, is here!

Where can I practice with the Jollino?
Practice anywhere with the Jollino- at home, the driving range and on the golf course!

The #1 Golf Training Aids


Free Shipping in the USA and EUROPE

Delivery : 3 to 5 working days.

Available for 3D printers

Buy with confidence

All of our Golf Training Aids come with a 2 year warranty! If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, you can request an unconditional return and a full refund.

Perfect your swing, Improve your Short and Long Game; from your wedge to your driver! Achieve the correct rhythm of movement. Keep the forearms at the correct distance.

The golf training aid that actually works!

NOW ONLY  €39.00 

This offer is for a limited time only and can be withdrawn at any time. 


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