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Updated: Apr 13, 2021


The author disclaims any liability for any effects or consequences resulting from the use of this information and from its inclusion in the practice. Training can cause injuries and joint pain if not carried out correctly, we therefore recommend that you lend the maximum attention and to perform exercises and methodologies suitable for the own level of fitness.


Below you will find a whole series of exercises for both the lower body and the upper body.

You can do them wherever you want, at home or in the office and if you do them regularly you will gain more mobility which also means great benefits to your game, more accuracy and more distance.


How can I improve the balance according to the swing?

The golfclubs of now are very long and generate very high speed at impact, which also means a lot of weight. In order to handle them in the best possible way we need to know how to use the foot supports.

Session No.1 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Lower body

A stick on the ground to separate the feet from the front to the back.

Lift the heels unbalancing the body slightly forward, cross the arms and start moving from right to left, taking a reference to the ground as if it were a ball.

Start the exercise slowly, then increase the speed of execution as in the video.

if you feel quite comfortable, so your body does not fall backwards or forwards or to the right or left, start swinging without ever falling.

You can also use a medicine ball or something slightly heavy.

The more daring ones can try to do the exercise with their eyes closed.

Perform the movement 10 times. Repeat it 3 times

In a few days you will see an improvement in balance during the swing.

Session No.2 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Lower body / Impact phase

The work of the hips or pelvis during impact is an important element to create speed in the club head. One of the focuses that high level players focus on. How best to develop this capacity?

You have to learn to move your pelvis independently from your shoulders.

Imagine taking a position in front of the ball with a stick in your hand as in the video. Slightly open foot (if right-handed) which favours the weight better towards the front.

Begin slowly to rotate the pelvis from right to left, looking at the ground. You will feel how difficult it is to move this part of the body independently.

The better you do it, the more benefits you will have in the impact phase.

Perform the exercise 10 times from right to left and 10 times from left to right. Repeat 3 times.

In a few days you will see an improvement in your mobility.

Session No.3 (3/5 mins )

Goal: Lower body / Balance on one leg

Balance is a very important quality in the game of golf and should always be trained.

It is estimated that 50% of people are not able to stay on one leg for more than 5 seconds.

The exercise is very simple. Stand up and raise one leg by bending your knee slightly.

1st Step: try to understand how much I can stay balanced on one leg. (30 seconds is a good level).

2nd Step: do the same exercise with your eyes closed. Widen your arms if necessary for greater stability.

Session No.4 (3/5 mins )

Goal: Upper body / Top Back Swing

This exercise has the functionality to best complete the backswing.

The shoulder joint is very complex and must be mobilised carefully.

We use a towel as an teaching aid.

As in the video, hold the towel with outstretched arms. Drop it behind you and then very slowly carry it forward. If it seems too tight, take a wider towel.

Perform the movement 10 times.

Also try to make circumductions of the

shoulders clockwise and counter clockwise as in the video.

Perform the movement 10 times.

The benefits of this exercise are that when you complete your backswing you will have the ability to carry the stick much higher allowing the stick head to go much further and therefore higher speed.

Session No.5 (3/5 mins )

Goal: Upper body / Back Swing (Shoulders and Arms)

Understand the behaviour of shoulders and arms during backswing.

Kneel with neutral stance. (knees as wide as shoulders).

Extend your arms in front of you by holding a stick upside down and imagine you are taking a position in front of the ball. (in this case it will be the pillow).

Start twisting the torso and return to the impact position as in the video.

This exercise will ensure that you can feel your maximum openness regarding the position of your hands and return to the ball from there. The exercise will also allow you to understand some types of classic errors,

namely that of falling towards the ball and that of early release of the arms with the body receding.

Perform the movement 20 times. Run it slowly and you will have great benefits.

Session No.6 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Total body / Best Exercise

Every good player has the ability to find the low point of the swing arch and this is definitely the great secret of golf!

It is in our opinion the best exercise to practice. You will always find all the fundamental points of your swing. Practice it at home with a golfclub and if you have JollyGolf even better, but also practice it on the driving range by hitting the ball as in a power swing.

1. Get into position.

2. Top Up the golfclub,

3. Twist,

4. Turn forward.

Greater accuracy in the execution of the exercise can be obtained by repeating the exercise as in the following video first with the left arm and then with the right arm.

Perform the moviment 10 times for each tipe of swing.

Session No.7 (3/5 mins )

Goal: Arms /Swing at impact

They are called prono-supination of the forearm.

It is a workout in function to the swing when you hit the ball to allow a very fast release of the club head.

The workout combines the arm with the rotation of the torso.

Perform the movement 10 times for each arm

Session No.8 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Neuroscience / Putting

Distance 5/10 meters. Use stick as a reference and practice with 3 balls.

Practice always looking at the hole, after following the usual routine, take your eyes to the target, look at the roll of your shot, if you see a roll, irregular and the ball makes small jumps, try to remove tension from your hands and soften your shoulders.

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