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Updated: May 26, 2021

Aware that the time at our disposal is always little and the desire to run the course is above everything else, we wanted to create a project which may help you understand how to work.

Sessions of twenty minutes each, focused on a single type of flight, at a time, will be enough. In accordance to our search towards brief but intense training, we tailored the training program that leads to quality and above all to getting the player focused on the task.

Go to the page of Training Program Exercise (link)But wait, keep reading.

Start with a test of your skills

You can run this test as many times as you want.

We recommend that you certainly do it at least once so that you have a reference of your short game quality. (link)

Here is now the training program that will dramatically improve your game.

Simple, clear and fast. But take one step at a time

First follow the steps of the G.a.s.p. (link) you will improve in the same session:

mental, technical and physical aspects with great benefit for your game.

Once you have understood the G.a.s.p. aspect well, it would be important to understand the three flights of the ball in the short game. (link)


To the questions asked golfers, that is how to obtain different flights of the ball, the answers obtained are rather confused. Just a few players practice this aspect of the game. Few understand that such ability has a lot to do with good scores. It gives sense to what one can get from a specified lie, it allows one to fly a bunker or a water obstacle with more confidence, it helps to place the ball close to the hole when the green is uphill, to handle bad weather, heavy fields and to understand which is the correct club to use at a certain time.

JollyGolf was born precisely for that, to help you understand how to deal in such a treacherous context.

Golf is a game requiring precise positions in front of the ball, positions which organize sequences apt to the task, which are translated by the player into efficient swings. JollyGolf will help you find them and will help you translate them in the easiest way!


1. Decide before the training which stroke you want to practice.

2. Checking of the G.A.S.P.

3. Safeguard your session, handle to the best the 20/30 minutes at your disposal, calmly, at your own pace, reflect, take your time.

4. Be honest, consider if it is worth asking a pro for help.

5. In order to get results, repeat the session at least ten times and give yourself some time to obtain feedbacks.

6. Alternate the strokes with and without JollyGolf (ex. five with, five without, etc.).

7. Remember that there are two kinds of work, one of mechanic and one of performance (the effectiveness of the performance). At the beginning don't do them together.

8. If you are not as comfortable as customarily or you are outside your comfort zone, it means you are starting to learn!


We will talk about the three types of swing. For putting, short game and long game.

After reading the introduction you will find links to each individual aspect of the game with reference practice sessions. Enjoy it! (link)

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