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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Now that you've learned G.a.s.p.(link) and the three flights of the ball (link).

Test your ability to hit the ball in the sweet spot.

To give everyone a more precise indication of this irrefutable principle, I invite you to

do a little test to verify it, take some powder spray or one of the stickers to apply to the center of the stick that are on the market or if you have the opportunity to book a session with a launch monitor, it can be a clubfitter or a pro.

The TEST :

Pull 10 shots with the 7 iron, 10 with the driver, even 10 putts at about 10 m. from the hole.

Example of a ball hit with Jolly and without Jolly using the spray ! Develop this kind of awareness !

Then look at the result, sometimes it can be quite surprising. You should see a small bubble in the center of the stick, but it's not really like that! You will notice that you hit in several places on the face of the stick, sometimes near the toe and sometimes near the heel.

And this is exactly what highlights the inconstancy of the game of all of us, including champions, we find it hard to be repetitive in our gestures.

And this inconstancy is the result of a lot of micro-movements that we can hardly control!

This is the reason why we have you in the execution of the tests made to try different sticks, we wanted to make you understand how the impact is the denominator in each shot. Some would say that all this is quite interesting and that's why the JollyGolf is functional to your improvement! It guides you in acquiring a more effective technique to improve the IMPACT WITH THE BALL!

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