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Why technique is more important in golf than other sports ?

Technique is often considered more important in golf than in many other sports because of the precision required to consistently hit the ball accurately over long distances.

Golfers must perform a complex series of movements in a specific sequence to achieve a consistent and repeatable swing. Unlike some other sports, such as basketball or soccer, where players have more flexibility in their movements and can rely on athleticism and physical ability to compensate for technical shortcomings, golf requires a high degree of technical skill and precision.

In golf, the smallest error in technique can have a significant impact on the outcome of a shot, making consistency extremely difficult to achieve. Golfers must master a wide range of skills, including grip, stance, alignment, and swing mechanics, all of which require significant practice and attention to detail.

Additionally, the variety of shots that golfers must be able to execute successfully, including drives, approach shots, chips, and putts, requires a high level of technical proficiency and adaptability.

In conclusion, technique is highly emphasized in golf because it is essential for consistency and precision in the execution of shots, which are critical to achieving success on the course.

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