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Updated: Jun 5, 2021


It is certainly the flight that players love the most, the most sensational, and probably the most gratifying (if played successfully).

It presupposes that the two earlier ones are mastered to perfection. In this case, the club head is much more active than usual and you should feel that it arrives earlier than your hands.

It is an action that requires a lot of balance and confidence, especially if the lie is not one of the easiest. It should be the shot you practice after you have properly learned the technique of low and medium flights.

CLUBS: 58°, 56°,54°,52°,50°


GRIP: neutral, hands drop below the sternum line, relaxed and lower than usual, with a more accentuated angle between hands and clubs.

ALIGNMENT: slightly to the left of the target with all lines of the body, club head slightly open to shift the flange of the club.

STANCE: slightly wider, weight equally distributed on each foot.

POSTURE: legs more bent to have a lower center of gravity, back more erect and arms relaxed and close to the body


It is a stroke that can be seductive but deadly at the same time. It requires a lot of control over the width of the backswing, arms and hands relaxed, a good awareness of the weight of the club.

It is fair to say that the keyword in this case is: take advantage of gravity! This is the great ally of the shots around the green. To achieve this, every aspect of the G.A.S.P. should be carefully considered and refined at each session.

Session 3 (20/30 Mins) 56°/58°/ 60 °

Goal: High flight, control, parabolic height.

Area Short game, look for an obstacle to overcome that is between you and the green, possibly a bunker. Use the covers of the clubs and place them on the green at different distances (10/15 m).

Once you find an area where the grass is shaved, take shots at the different covers and avoid always shooting at the same one. Ideally, if you can place 30/40% of your shots of 2 shafts from the hole, you already have a very good standard. Try to fix the GASP references before each shot.

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